since 1992.

Special hospital for medical rehabilitation NAFTALAN ***

Croatia / Central Croatia / Ivanić-Grad
Special hospital for medical rehabilitation NAFTALAN
Basic information

  •   Free Wi-Fi
  •   Free parking
  •   Internet caffe
  •   Pets not allowed
  •   Reception
  •   Restaurant
  •   Shops
  •   Bike resort

LOCATION: Located in Ivanic Grad, approximately 27 km from Zagreb.

ROOMS: Naftalan has a total 137 beds, 26 beds are in double rooms and suites.

FACILITIES, SPORT AND ENTERTAINMENT:  Each floor is equipped with a living room, and sun deck can be used during sunny weather. On the second, third and fourth floor of the clinic are doctors and nurses offices. The Coffee bar is on the ground floor, and on the 5th floor is a restaurant for guests and patients. The new part of Naftalan is air conditioned, equipped with satellite TV, telephone and wireless Internet access. In atrium, at the reception there is a small internet cafe and shop with various necessities. Near Naftalan is a sports park, for tennis, running or other sports activities.

PARKING: Free, unguarded parking.

INTERNET: Free Wi-Fi throughout the property.

PETS: Not allowed.


PSORIASIS AND ATOPIC DERMATITIS 14-DAYS TREATMENT PROGRAM: 42 € per person per day* Medical program: examination by dermatovenerologist at arrival, daily rounds by the specialist, dietary counseling, 24-hour medical surveillance, final examination by dermatovenerologist, discharge summary Therapy. naphthalene therapy 12x, phototherapy 12x, exercises in a pool with thermomineral water 12x, darsonvalisation – 12x

PSORIATIC AND RHEUMATOID ARTHRITIS, 14-DAYS TREATMENT PROGRAM: 37 € per person per day Medical program: examination by physical therapy specialist at arrival, daily rounds by specialist, 24-hour medical surveillance, final examination by specialist, discharge summary Therapies: naphthalene therapy 12x, hydro medical gymnastics 12x, individual medical gymnastics 6x, electrotherapy 12x Note: the price of the program does not include ointments and medicines, therapy is conducted from Monday to Saturday, Sundays are for relaxing

Naphthalan treatment – daily baths are performed in bathtubs with naphthalene. The patient stays in the bath tub with naphthalene for 12 minutes every day, except on Sundays. After each patient, naphthalene is sterilized and the bath tub is refilled for a new patient. The bath application technology is modern, and sanitary conditions are at a very high level.

Covering by naphthalene – implemented as therapy in the evenings in each patient with psoriasis, or implemented instead of baths in the bathtubs in case of contraindications, so the patients cannot take a bath in a bathtub. Treatments with thermal water – exercises are performed in the swimming pool with salty thermal water under the supervision of a physiotherapist on daily basis. Exercises last 30 minutes. The water is mineral, containing iodine, sodium, chloride, hyperthermic brine – salty water.

Masticotherapy – solid preparation containing 30% naphthalene, paraffin and wax applied as a compress (wrapping) or as dipping into dissolved media which is gradually solidifying as it cools down, and which is used for exercising small joints on hands.
It is an extremely effective therapy for inflammatory rheumatic diseases.

Iontophoresis with naphthalene – with the help of electrotherapy, naphthalene is applied to a specific area on the body

Sonophoresis with naphthalene – with the help of ultrasound, naphthalene is applied to a target area on the body

Massage – performed as manual massage, underwater massage or lymph pressure

Phototherapy – UVB, UVA- it can be combined with naphthalene therapy in patients with psoriasis

Electrotherapy – short wave, personalization, electrostimulation, galvanization, diadinamic currents, interferential currents, TENS, Iontophoresis, ultrasound + sonophoresis, laser

Magnetic therapy – applied on daily basis in patients with rheumatic problems *Medical gymnastics* – performed as a group or individual gymnastics in a gym equipped with necessary aids Treatment Indications Natural factors Naphthalan therapy Electrotherapy Phototherapy


  •   Massage
  •   Saunas
  •   Face and body treatments
  •   Whirlpool


  •   Bike rental


  •   Full board
  •   Halfboard
  •   Daily stay
  •   Bed and breakfast

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